If you think farm-raised eggs are better than store bought, wait till you taste farm-raised bacon. You will never have to worry about what “went into” your meat again, gain peace of mind and skip the store: pre-order a hog to take to your local butcher from Zurcher Farms today. We will deliver directly to your butcher of choice or let us arrange the details with our closest meat processor, Straight From The Farm, so that all you have to worry about is what type of barbecue sauce to use on your side of ribs.

Prices vary by processing weight, but average around $350 for a whole (butchered) hog, and $175 for a half. If you want us to arrange for any smoking of your hams and/or bacons, Blue River Meats will do it for $.90/lb.

If you would prefer to process your hog yourself, contact us for an adjusted price!

We currently send a batch of pigs to be processed every few months. Please contact us regarding current availability!