Goats at Zurcher Farms

Goats are fascinatingly animals. We have had various types of goats on the farm since we moved here in 2011, and they never cease to amaze us with their houdini-esque escapes.

In the summer of 2018 we added a purebred Boer Buck, named Rocky, to our herd. He is very friendly, and has so far lent his paint genetics to his first two kids.

We currently have 4 boer goats (including Rocky) left after the tragic barn fire on 2/19/2019. Sadly, our doe, Penelope, and her two kids, born the day before, perished, along with another pregnant doe.

We used to have 3 Alpine/La Mancha whethers, Larry, Curly, and Mo, with our one Boer Doe named Dolly. Before them we had an ancient Feignting Goat named Thelma, and a bunch of pgymy goats. They all have served us well as weed eaters!

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