Eating Eggs
We love our girls and it shows. You will never go back to factory raised eggs from the department store after trying farm fresh eggs! We currently have an array of laying hens so each dozen is unique in the shades you’ll receive.

Hatching Eggs and Chicks
Beginning in 2018 we will have a limited number of hatching eggs and chicks for the following breeds:

Black Copper Marans are known to lay the darkest eggs of any other variety: a rich chocolate brown. Originating in France, with a stocky figure,  and lightly feathered feet. With the increase in popularity with this rare breed, many hatcheries offer “Marans” that lay eggs nowhere near the color standard set by the APA (American Poultry Association), which is at least a 4 on the scale.  $3/egg. $8/SR chicks.

Blue Copper Marans are a variant of Black Copper Marans, which have all the same qualities, but have a diluted gene which makes their feathers a greyish blue color versus the original black. Rare. $10/SR chicks only.

Crested Cream Legbars are known for their beautiful sky-blue eggs and auto-sexing ability. You can determine if they are male or female from day they’re born, just by their coloration. They are a smaller breed, have beautiful crest feathers on their head. $3/egg. $8/Pullets. $4/Cockerels.

Bielefelder Kennhuhn are a rare German breed of chicken that are a great dual purpose bird. They can produce up to 230 eggs a year, and grow considerably faster than other breeds, making the males exceptional for meat. Like the Cream Legbars, they are auto-sexing, so you are know the gender as soon as they hatch. $3/egg. $7/Pullets. $4/Cockerels.

Olive and Easter Eggers are best know for different colored eggs. No two birds will lay the same color! Most often will lay colors in the various shades of green, taupe, or blues. They come in all sizes and colors. $2/egg. $5/SR Chicks.

*No minimum order for direct pickup. Minimum of 10 chicks if shipping is required. Shipping charges apply for eggs and chicks.

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