Beginning in 2018 we will be offering fresh beef in addition to our pork!

Please check back as we update our site with more information. If you would like to be put on waiting list for a whole or half beef. Please email or call us as soon as possible. We value the quality of life our animals have here at the farm, and only are able to have a certain amount per acre of pasture, or they will suffer the effects of overcrowding.

Please Note: There has been a lot of talk on social media about “antibiotic free meat”. We will NOT guarantee that our animals have never received antibiotics. As it is inhumane to let an animal suffer or die from an illness that could easily be treated. Now we will guarantee that we will never give antibiotics unnecessarily to an animal, and an animal will never be processed within the unsafe withdrawal period from a medicine. We care about our animals and we care about the quality of meat provided to our customers. Do you really want to eat an animal that may have been sick or stressed for a long period of time simply so they could be labeled as “antibiotic free”? Now, with that being said, we keep great farm records, and we know exactly when and which animal received any kind of treatment, and as we do not overcrowd our animals, most of them will never NEED an antibiotic, so if you’re concerned, please talk to us directly, as we care about your peace of mind in regards to what you and your family consume.