Our Animals

We have lots of animals at Zurcher Farms! Though many of them serve a more practical, um… tasty… purpose, we pride ourselves on the fact that they are well cared for and loved before they go to anyone’s freezer.

We sell animals live, or can arrange for them to be processed at a licensed facility before pick up. We do not personally process or butcher any of our farm fresh meat for sale due to USDA regulations.

Availability depends on the time of the year, but we raise the following:

  • Hogs
    • We raise approximately 4-6 batches of hogs a year, depending on pre-orders. We completely arrange for butcher, and they will call you to discuss exactly how you want all your meat packaged.
  • Meat Goats
    • We raise percentage Boer Goats for 4-H or for meat production.
  • Cattle
    • We have two young heifers on the farm right now, but once we have a sustainable amount of pasture, we will be purchasing steers for farm fresh beef which processing will be arranged like our hogs.
  • Poultry
    • White Broilers (Large breasted, quick growing chickens)
    • Red Broilers (same as white but are more proportional and take 2-3 more weeks)
    • Turkeys (Heritage and/or broad breasted varieties)
    • Guineas (African comfort food, or they also make great bug-eaters on the farm)