FarmHers: Hang in There, Mama.

A Poem For All the Farmhers

She is the glue that holds everyone together
In this crazy time of year
A single parent, for a month… or two
Yet she continues on in high gear

She has the usual responsibilities
That of mothers and wives, we expect
But she takes it all so much further
Not one thing she will neglect

Many Farmhers have “real jobs”
As if her role was not enough
She sacrifices her day to the man
Just in case that year went rough

Oh the things she’ll put up with
At that daily nine to five
Her Farmer needs the coverage
That only her “real job” will provide

Then at home there’s children
Who need all the little stuff
Homework, and baths, and dress up days
Which makes a bedtime really tough

She chauffeurs them all around
To places far and wide
Camps, and games, and conferences
When they’re sick, she’s at their bedside

Let’s add to those little errands
She’ll never get to recline
The shopping, washing, and endless snacks…
– They need a part for the combine!

Load up the kids, and run to the store
Out to the field she’ll go
Bringing meals, and parts, and grain carts
All her tasks, we’ll never know

The Farmer’s out their working
Don’t get me wrong at all
But the Farmher’s the glue in the family
Especially during harvest in the fall

It’s just for this month… or two
That she’ll put up with all of this,
But she does it with a grateful heart
Because she is one of His.

Share this poem to thank any local FarmHers you may know!

Nicole Zurcher

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