When Your Plans Don’t Work Out the Way You Intended…

Where In The World Are Those Zurchers?!
I know if feels like we’ve fallen off the planet some days, and believe me, we feel that way too. It’s as if we’ve been in a constant caged wrestling death match between familial obligations, farm obligations, and sleep. (And I wouldn’t put your money on sleep if I were you!)

I just wanted to let you know that we hear you, we too miss seeing your faces at the farmers markets we haven’t been able to attend, and yes, we absolutely need our pretzel fix as well, cause guess what? If I’m not making you pretzels for market, I definitely don’t have the time to make them for us to snack on at home!

So, with that being said, I thought I’d share a few things so you get a little broader picture of what’s going on in our little slice of heaven lately.

(SPOILER ALERT: It’s not all just adorable animal selfies every day…)

As many of you know, we have been blessed to be foster parents to four wonderfully unique children since December of 2016, in addition to our two biological daughters. This doubled our family of four, and we went from an infant and a 3 year old to six kids under 7 literally overnight.

We love and have loved these children as our own since they joined our family, but not everything works out as we imagine, and this July our oldest (foster) daughter was reunited with her biological father. Though it was heartbreaking to see her leave, it was also bittersweet, as we’ve come to know her father well these last few months, and so we are happy that they can work on building their relationship together, despite no longer getting to tuck her in at night. However, her three half-siblings are still with us, and (God willing) will stay with us forever.

As you can imagine, this loss, even though we still get to see her on occasion, has greatly affected our family, and our children especially are working through their grief and loss, in addition to transitioning into the school year. Throw in the week of County Fair, school shopping trips from hell, about three weeks where everyone in our house was ill at some point, a car wreck and subsequent hospital visit (I’m fine) plus a second non-related ER visit a few weeks later (still fine) and 2000 tomato plants out in the one acre labyrinth, and you can begin to imagine our daily life. There are not enough hours in the day. Aside from all of that we still have our regular obligations like cooking meals, and several hours of homework every night as we have 4 kids in school now.

“So Nicole, how are the tomatoes?”

At this point I shake my head and laugh. Not because it’s funny, but because sometimes you have to laugh to just get through your day.

(Yes. There are tomatoes in there somewhere…)

It’s embarrassing to actually post that photo, but I feel it’s important for others to see exactly how bad it is, if only to save others from the stress and financial losses we’ve experienced this year. (Obviously, our aspirations to be a decent sized produce grower are not working out like we had hoped.) Our crops suffered from neglect because we stretched ourselves too thin. In July we tried to catch back up and hired some guys to weed the labyrinth of rows… but they quit after 1 hour and 45 minutes, and demanded their whole contracted price, which we obviously didn’t pay. (I’m still curious if they are going to take us to court like they threatened they would.)

There comes a point when you know you need to reevaluate and regroup, and we hit that point 3 months ago. Our stress levels were through the roof. We were angry and disappointed in ourselves. We thought this was God’s plan for us, why couldn’t we make it work? We had the customers, we have the tools, and the land, and the plants. Why would He lead us in this direction, just so we could fall flat on our face?

But we haven’t given up! Read THIS POST if you want to find out what we’re doing now instead, and how if your farm or business isn’t working out the way you hoped, you can make a change like we did with our FREE PRINTABLE!



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