Welcome to Zurcher Farms

Now is the time to join us in the Small Farm and Local Food Movements! At Zurcher Farms you can take comfort in knowing exactly where and how our plants, animals, and produce are raised, and your family can look forward to coming out to the farm for affordable family fun throughout the year. Our mission is to help educate people, whether they want to know more about what they’re eating, farmlife in general, or how to start their own farm or homestead, we are here to help!

We currently have 20 acres and raise meat goats, hogs, rabbits, chickens (layers and broilers), turkeys, guineas, and ducks. Our 30×50 greenhouse is transitioning into a large aquaponics setup right now as well, so we’ll soon be able to offer fresh fish and vegetables year-round. We are not certified organic, nor do we plan to ever be, but you’ll appreciate the love and care we give to our animals every day, you can really taste the difference!

Though anyone is welcome to drop by, we offer guided group tours of the farm to educate people about where their food comes from.

Other Projects In The Works

  • Creative Haven: a large building dedicated to home decor and crafts, where you can come and create something with your friends to bring back to your own home.
  • U-Pick: Families can spend quality time together while picking vegetables, pumpkins, watermelons, or fruits and berries from our orchards and fields to take directly home to enjoy.
  • Petting Zoo and Education Stations: Children can interact with our animals and learn about animal husbandry and where the meat and vegetables on their table comes from.
  • Commercial Kitchen: Once our kitchen is complete we will have it available for other local farmers to rent to produce their goods for farmers markets and we’ll be able to expand our selections.

Please be patient as we update our new site as we introduce new products to the farm! Check back often, as our site will change as quickly as our business does! Also follow our blog for homesteading tips and tricks!

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